KnowherStory: The Award Winning Project

#KnowherStory is a Global Citizen and DAWNS DIGEST award winning project which aims at telling #grassroots women's unique and remarkable stories.

 Each year, Global Citizen and DAWNS DIGEST  support humanitarian reporters and storytellers across the globe with a generous sum of $ 1000. This year, 2013 - together with other three finalists, #knowherStory won the grant award.

The goal of this project is to highlight grassroots women leaders’ powerful stories of change as well as having it documented for future reference. This will show that grassroots women leaders continue to play an invaluable role in restoring peace and transforming the society for good. In Cameroon, discussions about women leadership in general have yet to gain local recognition. There has been even less talk about the women leaders on the grassroots level. Even among academicians, media professionals, politicians, and community elites, grassroots leadership is rarely mentioned and recognized as a strong support for national growth and development.

Read the Stories...

knowherStory1...'Peaceful Pekokeh' - Award-Winning Cameroonian Mama is Role Model for Grassroots

KnowherStory2....I Refused to die; I lived to tell

KnowherStory 3 ...Pastor Malike Benylla: A Woman of Faith speak “As a child, I grew up loved by my parents. Unfortunately, I lost both parents very young” says, Pastor Malike Benyella, a spiritual warrior, mentor, actress, and founder│director of Mount Olives School of Professional Studies and Mentorship.

KnowherStory 4 ...Jailed for claiming Land rights - Namondo Alice Ekema Wilson tells her experience while in prison for ten months and life after PRISON on the link for more on NamondoEkema

knowherStory 5 .... Young Cameroonian Social Entrepreneur Helps Bring Clean Water to Her Village

knowherstory 6 .....Shared Challenges - Empowering the Deaf in Cameroon

knowherstory 7 ..... Taking A bold Step to SILENCE no more

knowherstory 8 .... Living the Legacy, Yonga Nelly Shella Inspires Change for girls empowerment

knowherStory 9 ...Forced into Marriage at 14