Blogging Tips


Hello dear bloggers, professionals or new beginners in the blogosphere, below are some great blogging sites you can always visit for tips on building and sustaining a blog.

I am pleased to inform you that my new blog layout is thanks to LogAllot guidance on essential blogging tips and MichellerAfter on effective writing.
I thought I make these valuable information  available for bloggers to blog confidently.

The thre most recommendable sites are;
1. LogAllot.Com

2. WordCount: Freelancing in the Digital
3. lsgeekster

* Please do reference LogAllot, Michellerafter and Isgeekster in any reproduction (duplication) of this information. You can always drop by their websites for more updates :) Thanks ZoFem

Back to Basics, short explainers of various nuts and bolts of writing.(By MichellerAfter)

"The nut graph is so important, you’d think writers would lavish as much attention on it as they do a story’s lead, opening quote or conclusion".
And yet, nut graphs remain tough nuts to crack, pun definitely intended.
A story without a nut graph is like a walk in the woods without a path: you know you’re going someplace, you’re just not sure where.

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