Wednesday, June 15

Women and the Media Force

cc:Image from Pulsewire

Over the years, there have been great discussions about women representation at different levels – globally, regionally and locally. These discussions have brought together persons of different backgrounds and affiliations – from professional scholars, human and women’s rights activists, feminists, clerics, traditional leaders, law-makers, law-enforcement personnel to victims of violence. The purposes of these have been to identify the causes; investigate the purpose of the cause, analyzed and report and advocate against all forms of discrimination on women.

As these debates continuously remain the main agenda on most international and national forums, upon which various opinions and strategies have been identified and screened for public or private utility. The media outlets on the other hand play vital roles in addressing these acts of Gender Based Violence, Violence on women etc.

The media has contributed formidably to bringing incidences of women violation to the public space. It is worth noting that different portals play different roles. As a result, people tune on to these information outlets for different (or personal) and / or similar reasons; depending on individual interest. For instance; the entrepreneurs may tuned on for market trend and exchange, politicians might be interested in the economic development, but specifically on the political happenings around the globe. Meanwhile, a cross majority of the population may be interested in celebrity and celibacy gossips, talk-shows and advocacy outreach programs etc.

The media is such a wide world, rich and always ready to deliver topical issues. However, the media portrait of issues related to gender violence is not immune to castigation. In most cases, women are depicted as victims of violence and not analysts (or agents). Stories and images of accomplished women in every walk of life hardly make headline news. Those that make newlines are describe as anomalies; e.g. Just recently, it was all over the Medias how the New York Times appointed the First Female Editor after 160years of existence. That is not all, once there is a story of women CEO of mega Corporates, World Nobel Prize Award, Astronauts, World Bank President, Caterpillars Driver (Mechanics)…these become rare happenings, very unusual. What I don’t understand is why they are seen to be an unusual case. So many will say it is because it is men’s jobs.

Of course, the media is patriarchal in nature and stereotyped. And since it serves as a source for information to most people, it is very possible for it to influence its viewers’ perception on the of value women. Thus, there is need for the media to apply more effective measures in representing women.

Once more, I recommend that women’s image be properly represented and not to be sensationalized.

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