Saturday, September 24

Bringing the 2011 Presidential Elections in Cameroon Live online

No more silence. I will speak because I have a  Voice (Fungai)
 Fellow brothers and sisters, it is with great delight I am inviting you to join the first ever online gathering organized to discuss and share individual (personal ) experiences and challenges faced throughout the 2011 presidential elections in Cameroon.

The event, Discuss the News, Make the headlines is a Live program scheduled for the 9th Oct 2011 as from 00am – 00pm. Though, members are free to commence even before the 9t...h Oct while waiting on the D-day.

The primary aim of this online platform is to provide a common ground for all Cameroonians and friends worldwide to Tweet / Facebook their personal stories and the challenge they face in casting in their votes (not excluding their post-elections experience). In addition, the event aims at enabling all persons interesting in the Cameroon presidential elections to be able to follow-up all the latest happening.

However, it is assumed that each person participating in this event is in charge of deciding which scenarios (s) he is facing is news breaking. Nonetheless, members in this forum shall expect a certain degree of citizen responsibility to ensure that all which is said is based on real (recent) experience and not fictional stories and most importantly it should be related to the Presidential Elections.

To Get Involve is very simple. Just by a click of a mouse, you are joining the rest of the world in exploring the formidable power of web 2.0 and social media in building a better world for all.

2 major ways exist; Facebook or Twitter 

1. Join the FB event page here

2. Tweet by adding (#blog_kmer_elections ) on every tweet you make. This is to ensure that everybody sees and read your tweet. Plz take note that it is a hastag (#) blog underscore( _ ) kmer underscore ( _ ) elections   = #blog_kmer_elections

To convert the time scheduled into your local time, check out this link here

Feel free to invite your friends, colleagues and family to join this event page.

I look forward to reading your story. I am definitely feeling so eager to share my experience. Until then, remain blessed

PS: You can also ask your questions and leave feedback.