Friday, February 10

The CTE Workers Blockage

Thursday, 09 February 2012, some 400 Ex-CTE Workers blocked the main road axis between the junction of the Central Prison and the Court Junction, Buea - Cameroon.

It is worth noting that the Ex-CTE Workers are now spending their fifth month sitting / sleeping on the ground and bare concrete at the Labour Office here in Buea, since September 12th 2011. [read more]

The Feb 9th demonstration pressured the Buea authorities to call for a Special Crisis meeting, aimed at seeking urgent solutions to the CTE Workers crisis.

The meeting was held and presided over by the SG at the Governor's Office. And participants included the Ex-CTE Workers (3 women and 3 men), some South west government officials; the Mayor of Fako, Divisional Delegates.

After the meeting, as I was struggling to inform the virtual public on the current CTE crisis, Mayor Mbella Moki Charles distorted me from performing my rightful duty as he asked a Police commissioner to chase me out from getting information at the Labour Delegation - Buea. This was after truce was reached between the south west administration and the CTE erstwhile workers to meet the Prime Minister in the days ahead for a permanent solution to be sought.

The Mayor threatened to send me to jail saying " Do you know I can send you to jail". This occurred after a confrontation which I had with him on basis of my quest to gather information about the state of affairs in the CTE Matter. 

Earlier, Mayor Mbella warned me that I didn't have a right to cover the strike action of the CTE Former Workers, terming it a 'crisis' moment which should be free from members of the public like me me.

[Video of CTE Workers on the Main Road]


However, sources say; the culminating results from this meeting were the adoption of 4 resolutions.

1.      An urgent need  to address the 2006 Ad Hoc Committee convention under the surmonship of H.E Prime Minster Ephraim Inoni. 

2.      A delegation comprising of representatives of regional administration and Ex-CTE Workers be sent to have a dialogue with the current PM, Head of Government in view of a plan of action for an immediate solution to the CTE Crisis.

3.      Ex-CTE are expected to remain calm and respect the law and institutions of the State, and thus should withdraw from the highway pending feedback. 

4.      Upon reeving this feedback, the ex-CTE will assess the action envisaged by the public authorities on their behalf in view of voluntarily returning to their respective homes.