Tuesday, February 21

New [social] Media Boosts the Mt Cameroon Race of Hope 2012

Saturday, 18th February 2012some 630athletes participated in the 17th Edition of the annual race from Molyko Stadium- Mountain Cameroon Summit – Molyko Stadium, a distance of 38.2km. 

Since the creation of Mt Cameroon Race of Hope in 1973, 2012 was the first time; a complete live streaming online (via Twitter and Facebook)alongside the usual TV/Radio Live broadcasting was done.  

This realization was made possible through the efforts of some two local social media promoters; Zo Fem and WasaMundi.  Sponsored by Ringo Cameroon Internet– ZoFem and WasaMundi were able to provide minute by minute update of the Mt Cameroon Race of hope to the online global audience through the use of citizen media. 

For instance, on a day like this, local news reports estimate that over 5000 visitors enter Buea. This ranges from government representatives, business enterprises, foreign and local athlete agencies, Social advocates and NGOs athletes supporters and, animators.

In addition, this year – some31 Veteran female athletes and 8 Blind athletes participated in the race for the first time since creation of the Mt Cameroon Race of Hope. 

This new development in using new [social] media applications enabled virtual athlete lovers locally (as well as global audience) to engage and remain connected just like those following the race live on TV/Radio or physically present in the field where the event was taking place. 

With roughly 700 tweets and retweets (RT) containing the hash-tags:  #Race12 and #Raceofhope, there was no doubt to the fact that Mt Cameroon Race of hope not only has TV/Radio audience but virtual audience. 

Unlike the traditional media (TV/Radio/News Prints), – followers of the online community were able to interact with one and other, posed questions and start productive debates on athletics issues.  And this didn’t only educate the online audience about athletics but also helped in popularizing the event.

 Random Tweets from  the Virtual Audience:

About Mount Cameroon Race of Hope.

10 years after the creation of Mt Cameroon Race of hope, the women athlete category was added. Even so,no male athlete has conquered the female athletes – Sarah Etongue, crowned Queen of the mountain - 7 times winner in 4 rows; and Ngwaya Yvonne, 4 consecutive-time winners (2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012) all for the female category. Despite the fact that statistically, many of the athletes are men. 

Meanwhile the few successful Male athletes over the decades are still to champion their female peers four times in row. Besides Stifter Walter, a British missionary who won 3 consecutive-time (1976, 1977 and 1978).Others like Tataw Thomas (1992, 1994 and 1998), Ngonghapngha Charles (2003, 2004 and 2008), and Kongnuy Shey Joseph (1999, 2000 and 2002) have being 3 times winners but not in row. Some of whom are still regular participants. 

Eligibility and Distance Cover for the 17th Edition

Junior Athletes are below 18 or 18 years (Molyko Stadium – Hut I – Molyko Stadium)
Seniors Must be above 21 or 21 years (Molyko stadium – Summit – Molyko stadium [38.2km])
Veteran must be above 53 0r 53 years (Molyko Stadium – Upper Farms – Molyko Stadium)
Blind Athletes (Molyko Stadium – Upper Farms – Molyko Stadium) 
Hopefully, the 2013 Mt Cameroon Race, formal provisions would be made available for an audio-visual online streaming. In the same way the local media operates on TV/Radio.