Friday, July 6

Launch of an Essay and Film Making Competition for IPPF 60th Anniversary Celebrations


In 2012, International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) global will be celebrating its 60th Anniversary. In its sixty years of existence, the IPPF has grown from a federation of eight founding member organizations in 8 countries with an initial budget of $ 5 000 EU, to 163 member associations with a budget of 124 million USD, working in 170 countries.

IPPF Africa will host the 60th anniversary commemoration event to be held in Johannesburg, South Africa, in November 2012. In line with this, the Africa Regional Office of the International Planned Parenthood Federation is organizing a series of artistic competition under the theme of "Calling young people to Action" for youth aged between 15-30 that will include:

1. An essay contest on the theme: "Moving towards 2072: How can Sexual and Reproductive Health be addressed in Africa in the next 60 years?."

2. A photography competition on the theme: “Provision of Sexual and Reproductive Health Services and Rights save lives and ensure sustainable development”.

3. A call for applications for young filmmakers and artists for future production of a film of 5 minutes or the creation of a poster to commemorate the 60th anniversary of IPPF.

The competition is open to three age categories: 15-18 years, 19-25 years and 26-30 years. The different winners will be invited and honored in Johannesburg in November 2012.

Young people, especially encouraged to take part in various competitions, can obtain more details by visiting the website of IPPF - Africa Region: Please see documents attached, both in English and French for more information. The competing works will be received until 17th of August 2012 to the following address:

EssayPosterCompetitionAnniversaryEnglishFinal [1]
EssayPosterCompetitionAnniversaryFRENCH [2]