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On 18th -21st of February 2013, I was privileged to be part of the Twenty two Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) Youth Advocates to attend the Youth Coalition ICPD SRHR training which took place in Nairobi, Kenya.

 The training program which aimed at enhancing advocates knowledge and expertise on the ICPD and MDG review processes, and also finding best recommendations and strategies to calling on stakeholders to push for SRHR issues inclusion in the post 2015 development framework.

During the entire training, many things were taught and recapped, as well as making us understand what really advocacy was all about.  

Parts of our strategic thinking explored the MDGs targets and indicators, finding out its relevance to the local context especially on women, adolescents, and youth SRHR. These and many exercises and exposées were done to make us understand how our thoughts, activities and opinions sometimes influence SRR/SRHR promotion within our society. 

Some of the trivial and striking issues were the one minute message which focused on designing simple messages that speak for itself - for this to be possible,  the statement must be simple, evidence-based, clear example (s), and an action.  Another important issue was the debate on family planning where participants were exposed to the challenges and terminology often used  to criticize family planning advocacy. 

However, above all, what really touched me most was the word COMPREHENSION and I noticed that in every activity, expression and discussion we need to apply a comprehensive approach.  

Living in a society where sexuality is still private,  and taboo discussion,  my take home word “comprehensive”  has helped me a lot, first as a SRHR communicator as well as an ardent member of Women for A Change Cameroon (WFAC) working for the promotion of women sexual rights, leadership development. Another take home message is the one minute advocacy message to get out my advocacy message clear and simple.

This Article is written by Ms. Lum Flora Patience, a staff at Women For A Change Cameroon (WFAC) - a young women humanrights organisation with focus on sexual rights, leadership development and GBV advocacy

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