Friday, June 27


"Cameroon: Prioritize Youth Issues at the Heart of post2015‬ Development GoalsBuea‬Cameroon‬"
On June 10, 2014, twenty-two (22) youth leaders and activists representing 10 youth-led organisations across the country joined the association, @Women for a Change Cameroon (WFAC) for an Experts Strategic Meeting that seeks to develop ideas, brainstorm and build strategies on how to engage and gain government’s support in promoting strong language around youth development issues, sexual and reproductive health information, education, and services for young people and adolescents with respect for their human rights
Participants of the meeting have all been actively engaged in the Post-2015 process for over a period of 14 months.

“As grassroots youth and women’s right activists, we have a chance now to add our voice to the global call on the future we want”, says Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo, Executive Director, “we need to engage with our government officials and ensure they commit in prioritizing youth issues at the heart of the development goal, especially aspects that deal with the full realization of their sexual and reproductive health rights, dignity and integrity”.
The post2015 process entails a series of discussions and consultations to draft the next development agenda that will succeed the Millennium Development Goals established in the year 2000. This WFAC strongly believes, Zoneziwoh says; “is closely related to the attainment of Cameroon’s Vision2035 as realization of this vision greatly depends on the investment made now on youth with commitment in prioritizing youth issues in the post2015 development framework”.
We therefore urge the state of Cameroon not to make the mistake of leaving youth and women's health issues behind. Our rights matters and must not be ignore in the post2015 deliberations!