Tuesday, June 24


The Africa we want like Prof Maloba, one of our UD YALI Mentor said  lies in our hands, the young people.  The answer reside among you, said Delaware Governor, Jack Markell, to us all during our visit at the Legislative house on Thursday June 19 2014.

It’s been a week since I began my leadership journey as a UD Washington Fellows 2014, here at University of Delaware. Though the days have passed but the the echoing words from our mentors and instructors still ring loud and clear in my head, reminding me of who I am and the responsibility I have as a young african leader, [ Young African Leaders Initiative Network]

Africa like the rest of the world is changing - yes. But can these changes help advance sustainable development in Africa? What Change do We (I) want for Africa by 2063? What is the Africa I want - for women, children and all? These and many other questions I have been reflecting on as I learn more about American history and politics, especially how the American system was structured, to include community participation?

My take-home for this first week therefore is The Africa We (I) want starts from Us (Me). I am the definition of Africa.