Tuesday, June 2

Mudeka women for gender equality

On May 30, Women for a Change Cameroon visited Mudeka for a workshop dedicated to gender equality. During these two hours, 20 women of all ages discussed gender issues in the shade of a large tree right in front of the local chief’s palace.

Michel Bélanger-Roy, a Canadian law student currently doing an internship with WFAC, opened the floor by talking about the gap in between laws and day-to-day life; as well as highlighting on some articles in the constitution of Cameroon that guarantees equality between men and women.

Nancy Makeoh, WFAC’s community outreach coordinator, continued the conversation by introducing the participants to Action/2015. The attendees were interested to learn about the transition from MDGs to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and how there is on-going campaign for action around gender equality and justice.

The participants also added their voice calling for greater efforts in all domains, especially gender equality and women’s health and bodily autonomy. 

May28 Campaign "My Body, My Rights" - Intl Women's Health Day 
Mudeka Young Women demand from governments NO MORE WORDS. TAKE ACTION!