Monday, July 18

Call by World Pulse for Nominations of Women Leaders

Source: World Pulse Magazine

Deadline: Through end of July

In the upcoming Winter/Spring 2012 edition of World Pulse Magazine, themed Uprising, we are surveying the rising tide of women’s leadership around the world and celebrating women driving change in every sector, from political reform to economic revitalization.

We are exploring the collective power of women joining together to make changes in society. And we are paying tribute to individual women whose visions—scaled up—could make a major impact in our world.

We are calling on you, as an expert in women’s leadership, to nominate women at the helm of innovation across fields for what we are tentatively calling our “global cabinet” of women leaders.

Imagine if you could give power to the women who are already leading change. What positions would you create for them? What if Wangari Maathai was Environmental Minister of the world? Who would you pick for Minister of Education? For Attorney General? Who are top global leaders in technology? business? sports? law? media? Help us re-imagine the power structures in our world and create a global “dream team” of women’s leadership!

Our nomination process is simple: Think of a woman change leader whose work deserves to be celebrated and emulated—and give her a snazzy title.

You may submit nominations for typical political or ceremonial leadership positions: Finance Minister, Secretary of Labor, Poet Laureate, etc.

But we encourage you to also think outside of current systems: Peacemaker in Chief? Ambassador of Religious Tolerance? Minister of Ethics and Accountability?

Simply submit the following information for each nominee to

· Name of nominee ______________

· Role you are nominating her for (can leave blank if you have an awesome candidate, but can’t think of an appropriate title)_________________

· (optional) brief explanation (could be bullet points) of why you’d like to see her in power ______________

That’s it! You may submit as many nominations as you would like. Creativity is encouraged. Feel free to forward this call for nominations to other interested parties. We will be collecting responses through the end of July.

We wish we really could put the women leaders who inspire us into power. In the meantime, help us celebrate their work!